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Since more than 20 years we are specialized in OMEGA3 products.

It’s this long experience that makes us different, which converts us into the internationally recognized ”omega-3 experts"

Most other Health- or Supplement Stores (on-line or next door to you) have hundreds of different products, with different compositions and applications, different brands, qualities and prices. It is easy to see that they can’t be experts.

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  • Following almost a lifetime of taking cholesterol reducing medications and tolerating the known side effects, I opted to try PUR 3. After six months, and following the required blood test to measure my cholesterol levels, I discover that my triglyceride levels have go to down to normal levels. I continue to take 4 caps a day and my blood triglyceride values have remain at normal levels. This high concentration PUR 3 is a terrific omega-3 product without the side effects usually accompanied with statins and has none of the fish taste and smell of other omega-3 products. I recommend everyone to try this product!
    Andre (Florida, USA)
  • …I’ve asked my aunt taking your DHANEO fish oil. She has weak heart. After couple days, she feels good about it. I’d like to order a small quantity so my parents, and other relatives can also try them …
    Jing Hu, Hong Kong
  • son David is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Besides having weekly therapyhe is taking your Omega 3. Both the therapist as we have noticed a great improvement in his speech CONSISTENCY, much better CONCENTRATION , improved STRESS management and a greater increase in EMPATHY.
    Carme (Tarragona, Spain)
  • My name is Águeda and I have a child diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. For a long time I was struggling to know what happened to my son, I went from place to place until he was accepted into a center for psychotherapy where I was told that he had developmental disorder. I kept on looking for alternative therapies that could help him. One day I learned that a center of alternative therapy were doing a study with children with autism and Pol (my son) was accepted to participate. What they did here was to treat the children with Bach flowers and omega 3, in particular with PETIT PUR3 (it is a complement not a medicine). PETIT PUR3 started with a dose of 10 ml per day the first month and thereafter with 5ml. What I noticed was that my son was calmer, more present and had improved his attention. This was not immediately. It took a while. I actually only realized it when I stop giving the PETIT PUR3 to him at the end of the study. I then contact directly Beps Biopharm and returned to give him PETIT PUR3. Again his attention returned to improve. Luckily I can comfortably purchase this supplement online from Beps Biopharm (www.beps-shop.com ) so that I always have this product at home. I was looking in my city for similar products but they are more expensive.
    Águeda (Reus-Tarragona, Spain)
  • I had very high blood triglyceride values of 305 mg/dl. After 4 weeks taking 6x pur3 caps per day (3 in the morning and 3 in the evening) my triglycerides went down to 185 mg/dl. After 4 more weeks taking only 4x caps per day my triglycerides went down to 145 mg/dl. I am now taking 4x pur3 caps since almost 5 years every day and my triglycerides values stay below 150 mg/dl. This is great! Thanks!
    Martin (Saarbrücken, Germany)
  • After only three months taking 4 DHANEO caps per day my Omega3 Index went up form a frightening value of 3,7 to a now healthy 8,1. Amazing! I feel great!
    Simon (London, UK)
  • DHANEO. In my opinion, the best omega-3 in the market.
    Roland (München, Germany)


March 26.2017

Why omega3 concentrates are not "just fish oils"

Why are "omega3 concentrates" not the same as a "fish oil"? Why have omega-3 concentrates significant more health benefits for adults than lower concentrated products? How much Omega 3 do I need per day? Why do some omega-3 enriched foods make no sense? Dr. Peter Lembke gives answers during a Panel Discussion at an International Symposium for Nutrition in Singapore on July 1st, 2016.

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March 26.2017

BEPS® versus Krill Oil

During the last few years Krill Oil has become more and more popular and successful on the Omega-3 market. Main reason for this commercial success lies in the immense marketing effect of the Krill Oil manufacturers.  A few studies were published showing Krill Oil as being superior with regards to health effect than fish oil. EPA and DHA from Krill Oil are said to have a better bio-availability than the omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. But are we really comparing apples to apples here? No. Don’t get fooled. Here are some facts important for you to know:

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