Cost per dose calculator

If you go to a pharmacy, health store or e-commerce you are usually faced with a large number of different competing fish oil/omega-3 products. At first glance they all seem the same – just have different prices. But this is not correct. Looking at them carefully, you will notice they differ in their:

  • omega-3 (EPA+DHA) concentration (from 20% - over 90%),
  • source of the oil (cod liver, sardine, salmon, tuna, squid, algae, …)
  • package size (20 caps to 500 and more)
  • capsule size (between 300 and 1800 mg per capsule)
  • and price (does the price include already VAT, shipping costs, etc.?).

Remember the value of an omega-3/fish oil supplement is not based on the number of capsules but on their quality and their absolute amount of omega-3. Why? Because most studies gave the best results if more than 1000 mg EPA+DHA were ingested per day. There is little benefit if you purchase very economic fish oil capsules but have to swallow 12 of them per day in order to reach these 1000 mg EPA+DHA. A high quality omega-3 supplement may be the better choice. Comparing its price with the before mentioned standard fish oil capsules will first give the impression that it is much more expensive, but if you only need to take 1 or 2 capsules per day, they often are the better choice.
Our “cost-per-dose-calculator” is a tool which helps you compare the true expense you have when supplementing your diet with omega-3 products. In order to compare the costs of a high quality omega-3 supplement to other products, you simply need to insert some information into the fields of the calculator. You will find this information on the label of each product.
We have developed the calculator in such a way that you can choose your “personal daily dose of omega-3”? For pregnant and breast feeding mothers a daily dose of EPA+DHA of 500 mg/d is sufficient. In most other cases literature suggests to ingest at least 1000 mg EPA + DHA per day. For reducing the TG content in the blood or the blood pressure the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) suggests 2000-3000 mg EPA+DHA per day.

Finally, please remember our “cost-per-dose-calculator” gives you a direct comparison of the costs per day in order to achieve your personal daily dose of EPA+DHA. It cannot take into consideration most quality characteristics of an oil, nor does it consider the “convenient factor”. For example, having to ingest 2 or 4 capsules per day is much more convenient than having to swallow 12 capsules per day. Or, having to swallow 2 giant 1500 mg capsules is much more inconvenient than swallowing two small 500 mg capsules. This convenience factor, having a large impact on the compliance and thus success of the treatment/supplementation, is not reflected in the cost-per-dose-calculator. For each one of us this convenience factor has a different value and should be taken into account when you compare prices between different supplements.

Tamaño de la cápsula (mg)
EPA (mg / cápsula)
DHA (mg / cápsula)
Precio por unidad, neto. (EUR)
IVA (%)
Los costos de transporte (EUR)
Número de cápsulas
La dosis recomendada (EPA + DHA, mg / día)
0,79 euro
0,39 euro
Pur3 60caps
0,62 euro
0,31 euro
Pur3 240caps
0,44 euro
0,22 euro
rTGpur1000 40caps
0,37 euro
0,18 euro
rTGpur1000 160caps
0,56 euro
0,28 euro
Dha-femm550 60caps
0,46 euro
0,23 euro
Dha-femm550 240caps
0,66 euro
0,33 euro
DHANEO 60caps
0,50 euro
0,25 euro
DHANEO 240caps
0,37 euro
0,18 euro
Petit pur3
0,55 euro
0,27 euro
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