Dr. Peter Lembke explains the benefits of highly concentrated omega3 fatty acid concentrates for supplements and pharma products. Pointing out the fact that most so called "omega-3 supplements" are actually simple fish oils containing about 25-30% omega3 - the rest (=70%!!!) are saturated fats, mono-unsaturated fats, omega6 and cholesterol. Thus all components we do not want. on the other hand in a highly concentrated Omega3 oil most of these undesired components are removed. In this case your purchase price is really for the Omega3 and not the rest of the "stuff".

Also: are all omega3 enriched foods beneficial for our health? No! For example, adding a few drops of a low concentrated fish oil to a milk makes little sense. Milk contains naturally lots of pro-inflammatory omega6 fats. This adding a little omega3 to such a food sill not improve our omega6:omega3 balance in our diet. If you want to make a more healthy, omega3 enriched milk you first need to remove the natural milk fat rich in omega6 and saturated fatty acids and replace them, for example with olive oil (fich in mono unsaturated fatty acids). Then your "omega3 enriched milk" indeed will be beneficial.

However, most clinical studies showed that you need to ingest at least 1g of EPA + DHA per day to achieve significant health benefits. With classical fish oil capsules or omega-3 enriched food that is very complicated to achieve. Not so with omega-3 concentrates such as DHANEO, rTGpur1000 or dha-femme550 from beps biopharm s.l.. For more information see www.beps-shop.com