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Studies indicate that Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the viscosity of the blood and thus improve the transportation of nutrients to the muscles.

Studies indicate that especially EPA increases mental balance to help to achieve superior physical performance.

Schisandra-fruit extract is used since over 2000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help to maintain good blood circulation and help to increase physical performance.

Studies show that both Omega-3 and Schisandra fruit extracts reduce symptoms of muscle soreness (DOMS - delayed onset of misclesoreness) after heavy workout.

EPA, DHA and the schisandines increase the seretonin and dopamin concentration in the brain. This leads to increased motovation and positive thinking which in turn may increases physical performance.

According to different studies the schisandrines (active ingredients of the Schisandra chinensis fruits) give better results than amphetamine for cognitive tasks (including focusing) and increase muscle working capacity up to 220%!

Schisandrins help to overcome tiredness and breath shortage

Masculine fertility: Schisandra is being used for treating erectile dysfunction and increases sperm secretion. DHA increases sperm quality and vitality.

Anti-aging: Schisandra cleans the blood vessels and reduces cell oxidation which supports longevity